Sarah Olive

Social Media Specialist

I am currently a Social Media Specialist at Fullscript, an integrative wellness company. I was promoted into marketing from the Customer Success department and received an award for the highest CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Rating) department-wide for 2021.

The absolute most important part of developing content is to leave a viewer feeling something. I take deep care into listening to a campaign’s goals and objectives, and can quickly determine how to translate this to a social channel. I have a critical eye for ensuring assets are organized and on-brand, and an innate ability to plug emotion into my work. This position has also allowed me to work cross-functionally with a multitude of departments, and I’ve been successful in making connections and catering to the specific needs of each.

My early career existed in hospitality management, where I raised several properties’ overall service scores. I understand the importance of leaving a positive impact on professional touch points, and I carry this experience forward of being altruistically giving, caring, and going above and beyond at all moments presented to me.

Here’s a look at some social content (Instagram Reels) I have created at Fullscript, an integrative wellness company.

Supported an always-on campaign of promoting the benefits of integrative medicine to educate traditional healthcare practitioners on how they can incorporate these components into their practice.

In this piece, I highlighted our employees and Chief Medical Officer participating in a pillar of IM (exercise) during an internal IM Week event. The goal was to allure users to visit our landing page about how Fullscript simplifies the delivery of integrative care, alongside showcasing our internal culture.

Plays: 1,947

A culture highlight to shine light on what we do being a remote first company to encourage teammate connections.

I often documented our team outings to show potential applicants the efforts our company makes to ensure there is time in person to connect with teammates in an out-of-office environment. I paired these clips with upbeat, feel good music to amplify the content.

Plays: 2,732

An artsy display of our logo in theme with a holiday season with a call “May your inner light glow this fall season and beyond.”

Yes – I double as a pumpkin carving specialist.

Plays: 994

Introducing our brand new office in Kanata, Ontario, I pieced together clips provided to me from an internal spa day we had to kick off its grand opening.

This piece doubled as a new office announcement as well as a culture highlight. I can easily edit video content captured by others when I can’t be there myself to film.

Plays: 2,205

A teaser to our release of a documentary featured on CBS News. This was my first time on set with a company video production, which was really neat to learn how to capture behind the scenes footage and assist with marketing production.

I built momentum with this piece, being vague enough to not spoil anything in the documentary, but engaging enough for our community to watch our social channels closely for its official launch.

Plays: 2,276

Another artsy display of our logo, with a call of sending our community good vibes.

I had this idea prior to a personal vacation, and brought with me seashells to capture a cute, feel good video. The waves washed away my work several times, but I kept going until I got a good shot. I don’t shy away from bringing work on vacation when it means I can capture good content.

Plays: 2,524

A highlight of a company created supplement protocol for mood support. Our platform provides high quality supplements for practitioners to prescribe to their patients. My social content goals were to speak to practitioners directly as they are the ones who prescribe products on our platform, but presenting it in this fashion also spoke to a patient audience.

This piece educated our community on evidence-based supplements for mood support, while also alerting practitioners to our downloadable protocols they could upload to their account directly.

Plays: 1,888

Other Videos

This was an internal video I made to showcase our team at Fullscript volunteering at a local community garden in South Phoenix, Arizona.

This was a culture highlight of our volunteer days we had last Spring where each customer service team had the chance to pick an organization or activity to give back to our local communities.

This was my first official video that I shot and edited for a company. I was an orientation leader at Northern Arizona University, and this video played at the end of a play at orientation as a final credits scene introducing new students to the Undergraduate Admissions team.

I overlaid an upbeat song with lyrics about ‘I don’t know where I am, but it feels like home’ to resonate with the audience, as it was their first touchpoint with their home away from home. I also challenged each employee to pick a location they wanted to film their piece at, and what they wanted to do in their clip, giving them artistic freedom to show who they are authentically.

Sarah Olive